Why Can’t I just Replace the Breaker Myself?

Simply put, the breaker size you can safely use is determined by the electrical wire size connected to it. Let’s say that you plug in a hair dryer, and the breaker keeps tripping. You trot on down to the nearest Lowes or Home Depot and buy a larger breaker. Say you have a 15 amp breaker, and you replace it with a 20 amp breaker. This seems to solve the problem, but it actually puts your home at greater risk of fire. Why? Because the breaker itself will carry the load without tripping, but the wire hooked up to the breaker will overheat and possibly cause a fire. Unfortunately, we’ve seen this way too often. Things like hair dryers, newer, larger microwaves, portable heaters, and toaster ovens draw a lot of current, and they can easily overload a single circuit. The wire itself needs to be replaced as well as the breaker in order to be able to safely carry the increased electrical load, or another circuit needs to be added. Please give us a call. We will gladly upgrade your circuits to accommodate your growing needs and keep you and your home safe.